Welcome to realSummary

A new kind of

Document Summarizer

What is realSummary?

Yes, it’s a new kind of summarizer.  A really smart one.

realSummary is an “analyzer and amplifier” that applies
a unique toolset to your documents.

The benefits?

You can take a simple Word file and convert it,
in seconds, into a superb communication solution.

You save countless hours of time,

realSummary combines your intelligence with

simplicity, flexibility, and power.

How to Make a Summary

 It’s as simple as 1-2-3


Load a document into the realSummary window


  • Import a Word file or paste in text from any document or website (or just type)
  • The text now becomes your realSummary project.  It can be one page or thousands of pageswhite-shim

How to 1

two  Add highlights to any word or phrase.  As many as you like.

  • Use either the quick yellow highlight tool or …
  • You can add highlights in 12 colors—as well as priority settings and tags

How to 2 

three    Click the Summary button


  • realSummary converts your highlights into a concise summary.
  • Now, you can save your summary as a PDF or a Word file.

How to 3


Your highlights become a summary … instantly.

Add, delete or change the settings of your highlights at any time. Create as many summaries as you wish. Print them out. “Re-summarize” your summaries. Use them as study notes, meeting notes, or creative thinking tools.