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Import Word docs, webpage content—any kind of text—directly into your project.  Apply sophisticated formats.   And that’s just the beginning.


One Click Summarizer

Highlight text in your choice of 12 colors. Tag and prioritize your highlights, then collapse your text to show only selected highlights—an auto-summary in a single click.  Click “print,” for instant study notes.



Easily create your own glossary. Enter a new term in seconds. Your glossary is always at your fingertips.



Export your realSummary projects, complete with highlights, definitions, glossaries, summaries, annotations . . . to friends or colleagues.  Instantly share marked up documents with clients.

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realSummary Groups let you work collaboratively with friends or colleagues. Build documents in real time.  Share information instantly.  Ideal for study projects or work teams.  

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Use the Reader to navigate your project one screen at a time, show or hide your highlights, and change font size at will.  Your project becomes an elegant eBook.

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File Manager

Upload and store files of any kind—2 Gigabytes for free.   Download files when needed. 

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