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About Us

realSummary arose from the efforts of a group with mixed backgrounds, skills and perspectives.  The image above isn’t us, but it could be.   We represent an age span of over 40 years, and a geographic range that embraces western Colorado, southern Florida, eastern Vermont, and upstate New York—with contributing partners from across the globe.

Work on the project began, essentially, in March of 2012, and will continue indefinitely.  Our original and sustained interest was in creating not just another text manipulation tool, but an application that aimed—with headstrong ambition—at expanding a user’s intelligence.  We have two year’s worth of future product designs in our “back room,” and expect to release them, as well as upgrades and new features, in time.

realSummary owes a debt of gratitude to the Software Engineering Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, with special thanks to the original programming team: Anthony Barone, Chris Erardi, Colin Horak, Erwins Milord, Ryan Clough, and Dr. Stephanie Ludi.





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