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A toolset like no other …

Whether you’re a single or CONNECTtm user, realSummary’s features are found nowhere else.  Start with a simple Word or text file. Transform it into an “energized, interactive information platform.”

You get all of the following …


One Click Summary


Our signature feature. realSummary takes your highlights and converts them into summaries that you can save as a PDF, a Word file, or print.   Add, change, or remove highlights, and your summary changes instantly.  No “auto-summary:” your summaries are based on your intelligence, not the machine’s.   And not just summaries, but extractions of key information, citations, quotes, key points–the list goes on.   (patent pending)

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 Highlight Manager

highlight manager

Highlight Manager takes it to the “next level” and beyond.  You can search for a text inside your highlights.  And sort them in multiple ways.

And you can assign priorities to your highlights.   

realSummary PRO 1

Then filter your visible highlights to show only one, two, or all of your priorities.   Your summaries change instantly.   “Just show High Priority highlights.”   Change your priority settings at will.

Add tags (categories) to your highlights—as many as you want.  Using tags, you can tell realSummary to show only selected categories.  “Show me only great ideas.”   Show me only legal concepts.”  (Hide the other highlights for now.)  Use text search to find specific tags anywhere in your document.  Tags are a great way to annotate text as you read.  Or any time.  And a way to create pinpoint-focused summaries.

realSummary PRO 2

realSummary is an interactive knowledge manager.   Change your settings and your summary document changes instantly.   A powerful process for study, research … or just thinking.  

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Save Your Summary

save options

Save your summary as either a PDF or a Word doc.  Apply Highlight Manager filters and do it again.   Save your summaries to your hard disk, or print them.  Or share them with others.   Copy them back into your original documents as executive summaries, key points, citations, quotes, conclusions or end-of-chapter study notes.   Use your summary as a starter document and expand it.   And etc.  

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 Expansion Window

expansion window

Expansion Window is a powerful, unique extension of realSummary’s capabilities.  Use it to enter comments, annotations, thoughts, ideas, expansions … much more.

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Highlight Colors

realSummary PRO 3

You can choose from 12 different highlight colors.  Assign different colors to your priorities, tags, team members.  Colors let you customize your highlights and quickly find highlights of different types.  Choose “just the right color” for your printed summary…

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Icono documento 3D con simbolo import

Import a Word file from your hard disk.  Or copy in text from a web page or any source, in any amount.  Or just type it in.  Combine sources at will. Create project content instantly.

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Add as many as you want—with a single click.  And search and navigate to any bookmark with realSummary’s Bookmark Manager.   The best bookmark tool you’ll find–anywhere.


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Definition Popups

Add definition pop-ups to any word or phrase with a click.   Mouse-overs show definitions instantly.  Make your document into a learning object.

realSummary PRO 5

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Create a glossary–in any document–with a few simple keystrokes.  Add unlimited terms and use Glossary Search to find any term.   Your document becomes a rich knowledge source.


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Insert links to URLs, bookmarks or files in File Manager.  realSummary even supports links in web text that you import into your projects.   Go to any web page, or any location in your project–or even other projects–with a single click.

realSummary PRO 7

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image combo

Use images to decorate, clarify or add linked navigational elements to your documents.  Because realSummary is in the Cloud, your projects become instant web pages.

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Tables are great ways to display data.

realSummary PRO 8





Yes, you can insert working YouTube and Vimeo videos. Click the video start button and watch them play right in your project.  (With a little skill, you can make your own videos and add them too.)   




control panel

The realSummary dashboard is a concise, searchable display of your project information. Sort your projects by name, description, owner, and date. Use the Actions to copy, delete and change settings. 

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Copy Projects


Copy your projects like copying a file.  Keep the original — modify the copy.  (Perfect for working on a client’s document.) Experiment, refine your summaries. Export special versions to other users in CONNECT

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Project Notes


A pop-up window for your to-do list, notes about your work, or your sudden ideas.  Size: unlimited.   Tip: can also be used to strip formats from pasted text.

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The Reader


The realSummary Reader lets you view your project one screen at a time, show or hide your highlights, and change font size at will.  Your project becomes an eBook or a slide show.   Perfect for notebooks or mobile devices.

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Cloud Based


realSummary lives in the Cloud.  Access your projects any time from any location.  Your work is backed up hourly on twin Amazon servers.

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Save  to Hard Disk


Your work is not only saved to the cloud, it’s also backed up to your hard disk for ultimate security.

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File Manager

file manager

Upload and store files of any kind.  Link to files  for instant access from your projects.  View by size, type, date.  Download when needed.  Store your organization’s archives and working documents with ease.  Maybe even your clients’ documents?

50 Gigabtyes file storage at no extra cost. realSummary PRO 12

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Based on flexibility, power, and simplicity, realSummary represents a new paradigm in document expansion.  Your projects become dynamic learning and knowledge containers.



And then … there’s CONNECTTM      click for details


Special Offer:   Register for realSummary before July 1, 2014 and you can upgrade to realSummary CONNECT at no extra cost for six months.

    *CONNECT includes all the features of realSummary basic, plus a great deal more.  Click for details.



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